Cosmetics Advertising and the Glorifcation of Violence Against Women (and other forms of patriarchy including pornstitution)

So the company Urban Decay has a lip product called Super Saturated High gloss lip color, which sounds pretty porny btw, my theory is that why lip gloss is so popular is because it is created by male run cosmetics companies to remind them of semen on a woman’s lips. I do not feel like linking to the product but here is how its described ‘Rich and creamy lipstick with insane amounts of high-gloss shine—all captured in one chubby pencil.’ Again sounds either porny or like those commercials that basically say women love sweet junk foods like they love ‘sex’. (fuck piv) Now wait for it….the name of this reddish orange, being in the red family of colors to be signifies blood, the product is called PUNCH DRUNK! Sickening. This not unique nor even particularly extreme of an example of how the cosmetic industry markets and names their products. There is a cosmetic company called OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic) ooo aren’t you clever? (don’t answer that). The creator of the company has made stupid douchey remarks about the mentally ill, I suggest he take a razor blade to his throat like I did once because the thoughts were TORTURE and they were spinning and they would NOT FUCKING STOP! My mental illness is not something for cheap jokes and supposedly ‘edgy’ names for overpriced cosmetics companies. There are countless examples and I might possibly post about them and why they are fucked up when I feel like it. Dear OCDWDC (OCD with douchebaggery cosmetics) to be considered edgy if words still have meaning would mean you are challenging something, makeup use is completely malestream and considered a requirement for women making belittling marks about OCD and mental illness in general is also very very common and tired. Go fuck yourself!