OH NOW PPL NOTICE! But of course whine dem bitchez dont know war… O_O

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Most women consider childbirth a joyous, if exhausting, occasion. For a sizeable minority, however, having a baby can wreak the same kind of psychological havoc as some soldiers suffer in the wake of bloody combat missions, a new Canadian study suggests.

As many as one in 13 mothers experience full-blown post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the weeks after their child is delivered, the McGill University researchers concluded. Their symptoms can include sleeplessness, repeated flashbacks and nightmares and emotional avoidance of people and things that remind them of giving birth, including even their newborn infant.

There are things that can happen in the birthing process that can make a woman feel like her life or her baby’s life are in jeopardy

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Still larger numbers do not meet all the criteria for PTSD, but suffer flashbacks or nightmares and some of the other symptoms, according to the paper just published…

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