The Radical Feminism Facebook group is so many levels of failure


Equality bullshit is not radical feminist so you cannot ‘ratify’ something that is not part of radfem theory, this is liberal. Got it?

The Radical Feminism Facebook group is so many levels of failure

When you call him a feminist it is just sad. I thought I was free from this after I got fed up with funfemz.

Oh so Hillary Clinton is a radical feminist now? Makes sense.

I found this on a facebook group called ‘Radical feminism’ well I’ve seen this all over libfem blogs back when I hadn’t found the quality patriarchy bashing I read now. Equal rights rhetoric is not part of radical feminist theory and for these people that run the group to think that it is, is very sad when the information is out there on what radical feminism is and what it’s not. It is irritating to see libs hijacking the word. There are differences between men and women that need to be respected like that for instance women do not constantly rape and murder. I believe that men are inherently violent, they have never proven themselves otherwise. It also has uses junk such as a girl of middle eastern decent smiling and says under her and under that ‘equality for all’. facepalm go ahead a post it anywhere else but on a radfem page?? So much lack of understanding I have heard libs say ‘feminism is the radical idea that women are people’ WRONG! That is a requirement of being a decent human being and you do not get to brag about being a decent person. Other libfems bullshits like ‘you don’t have to be antiman to be prowoman’ (this person must live in a magickal place far far away from the terror women face everyday of their lives. Other bloggers have gone into more about the issues and stupidity of ‘equality’ bullshit which you can look up your damn self. I think it is a cheap lazy excuse for trying to be ‘like men’ in every way while ignoring the way male supremacy affects women. I also find libfems to idolize men, its a vibe I get, weird like they need mens approval to be feminists so they try to make it all into this sugar coated Valenti bullshit and even post articles saying that feminism vitally needs men (which is bullshit) and that males can be feminists. Such as this little piece of stupid: Despite hearing real feminists use the term patriarchy they will throw it around but have not even a basic understanding of what it is and how it effects women, there would be no patriarchy if it did not benefit men! They are all cold and calculated, cost and benefit about things that hurt us and take pleasure in giving us diseases and watching us go through the pain of pregnancy and childbirth. Did I mentioned libs are calling themselves radicals now because of the quote they so love ‘feminism is the radical notion the women are people’ they try really hard to delegitmatize us by screaming TRANS when we remind them of basic biology that transwomen are not females and who like to claim a title for themselves they do not deserve. This group is a perfect example of that. They also idiotically posted a picture of high stiletto heels with the caption ‘Look out oppression!’ Is this some kind of joke? edit; So I just looked up radical feminism on facebook and I got the pro porn feminism page, apparently they also call themselves sex RADICAL feminists. Yet again an appropriation of radical feminism. The embrace of onscreen rape should tell us all there is something dead inside these people. I have a voice my whole life no matter all the sexism I went through I always knew it was wrong. Those people have lost that, if you can look at porn and not be disgusted and you were born female, you have almost lost it, the picture for it is some scary transwoMAN who was so obviously a man at one point. I did not know they made a stupid little name for their stupidity like, you’d think the way they speak to radical feminists they wouldnt touch the word with a ten foot pole unless to scream transphobic and then run away before the logic storm gets them. Passing off equality shit for radfem pisses me off so much because I fell for that once! What better way to support idiots like MRAs. Thats what you are doing funfemz you might as well be them. Men use this to demonize women, they often make more claims than men like in Europe where this is implemented and are taken much more seriously because duh! patriarchy! The whole MRA shit goes of an equality rhetoric. Men use this to hurt women and sex positive feminists are not real feminists they are mens rights activists as far as I’m concerned and none of their comments will be getting approval.


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