Of course my first exposure to feminism was libfem on the interwebs

I wouldn’t say it was any (much?) better than the bullshit I have been dealing with my whole damn life. Despite their insistence porn is the new bible and some kind of revelation, they didn’t make me any less disgusted by how the women are treated, often having dicks shoved down their throat while they make choking sound. This is supposed to be erotic? Always found it disgusting. I don’t think these so called feminists who I feel are inappropriately appropriating the term understand they are diluting what this movement stands for and are a fucking embarrassment to me personally. I have saying I am feminist and then men think I will be ’empowered’ sucking their dick, which is also a gross misrepresentation of feminism that the libs do to us, they buy the gender myth so easily with trans, and people who think they are advancing women rights or some shit don’t know the different between sex and gender. Get over yourself you self indulgent patriarchy sucking embarrassments.


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