I changed my mind

I like the name of this blog and I like the wordpress interface I am determined to figure it out despite my learning disability making it harder for me. I will figure out how to do the pictures right. etc. Yeah me! Too tired to write much due to hypersomia. They need to legalize those drugs they have proposed goddamn.

So I joined tumblr

I don’t like it, under the radfem tag there was a lot of trolls, even the ones calling themselves radical feminists didn’t seem to understand what it was. There are a lot of young people on it who just post things they don’t bother to read much about first. I don’t think that site or reddit has much to offer feminists though I did find some gems in all the trash like this one: http://liesaboutradfems.tumblr.com/

I found it really frustrating trying to do commentary on screenshots have trying to figure out how to caption them and that stupid purple pic comes up really big even though I resized it. There are lots of awesome radfemme blogs on here and commenting on blogspot isnt as good but if I can manage blogger easier I will at least tried it. I used that site a while ago if u wanna check ma old blog: http://mygothicfreckles.blogspot.ca/

WordPress is fucking up

It takes me so long to get the pictures right and I deleted a bunch of them by accident its so fucking hard and annoying to make a gallery and stupid screenshot shit and stuff going to end up blogging on a different site instead. I love being learning disabled. Will post the new address soon when I make it, this site is simply too hard for me to navigate.

Awesome ScreenShot Capture is Not Awesome

So I downloaded this app called Awesome ScreenShot Capture yesterday and it worked for me. One of the images is in a previous post. But today when I try to take a screen shot just of what I am looking at and not the whole long page it does not work. The site I am trying to capture a pic of is amazon a particular book title. I was going to post some commentary but that doesn’t seem to be likely. I am going to send this to the company and see if they can justify wasting my time or not, I kept clicking over and over and trying different things to see if it would work for a long time. Your software should be simple to use guys not giving me these pain in the neck problems.